2000.jpg Well!!What can I say?Twenty years....Seems like yesterday..Suddenly the year 2000 is fast approching.The Northwood Kensett,class of 1980,20 year reunion isn't to far behind.Hey what the heck....What away to start the new millennium. Anyway right now I need pictures and any other information anyone can provide,so i can get it on here.Click on the forum button below to post your message..look for some photos and stuff withen tne next few weeks,and email me with any suggestions or comments....are the original copies of the yearbook pictures still alive??I hope to hear from everyone soon so I can get this website rolling....So don't be afraid to email me....


COMING SOON!!!..To A website near you..class of 1980 yearbook!!!!!!!!


Be sure to check here for updates and information on the reunion.


Chat with some OLD friends.Talk about the"good old days"..yea right...


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